Hope Board Members

Founder & Director

 Stella Robinette









Executive Board Members

HOPE President

Courtney Murphy


Selina Hall

Vice President









Kelley Moran

HOPE Secretary 

Eastman Company








Paul Montgomery

HOPE Member at Large, Retired Vice President of Eastman


HOPE Board Members

Sharon Duncan, Town & Country Real State

Wesley Idlette, Educator Kingsport City School









Kevin Boriboun, HOPE 2nd Youth Chair & Moto






Roy Richmond

 Powell Valley Bank




John Morris

 Kingsport City


Gerry Harrison

 HOPE for Health Program

Retired School Teacher


John Harrison

Retired Eastman Chemical Engineer





Mark Osterman

Kingsport City Police 

Laynette Alley

 HOPE Office

Shirley Johnson

Life Time Members of HOPE

Quindalyn PERRY Volunteer

 Kingsport City Schools

Jeff Tankersley



Tammy Tankersley


 Owner of EZ File Tax Service

Lisa Jenkins


Teddy Gaines

PE fitness Coach

Ticker Shull, HOPE Youth Volunteer

Margaret Shull, HOPE Youth Volunteer

Noell Howe, Volunteer, Teacher

Danny Howe, Volunteer, 1st Broad UMC

Kevin Mitchell, HOPE Health, Kingsport Fire Dept

Linda Brittenham, HOPE Volunteer advisor

Linda Jones, HOPE notary, Ballad Health

Kelmara Kelly, Youth Volunteer, Eastman Chemical Co.

Jenny Rogers, HOPE Health, Performance Medicine

Michael Johnson, Volunteer, Retired Military

Teressa Dobbs, HOPE Educator, NE State




Susie Pederson, Volunteer, 1st Broad UMC

Makenzy Bennett, HOPE Youth Volunteer

Vanessa Bennett, HOPE Youth Volunteer, Kingsport Chamber

Renee Green, HOPE Artis, Life Time Member

Teresa Haywood, HOPE Youth Volunteer, Kingsport City Schools

Mr. and Mrs. Brent Kennedy, Holiday Volunteers

Qiane Hale, HOPE Art Director & Video Director

Life Time Members:

Ross Walker, Kingsport City Schools & Private counselor

Little Charles Hall

Carolyn Cox

Morris Baker, CEO of Goodwill

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