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Symone Leeper 

Symone wrote: "I just want to take the time and thank Ms. Stella Robinette and the many many other in the H.O.P.E (help our potential evolve) family. It's been a little over a year since I've joined this amazing youth group. HOPE has allowed so many great things to happen in my life and others of its group to travel parts of the world, be able to work with and get to know many important people throughout the tri-city area. I also I'm certified in CPR and babysitting thanks to H.O.P.E. without this extraordinary organization I now understand more fully how important volunteering, college , education , your community, and much more. I can't say enough to explain how HOPE has enriched my and many others life's but whether we are taking a college tour or volunteering in kingsport I fully support my HOPE family. I also want ask all parents of my friends and also friend to at least coming to a meeting or take 5 minutes and learn more about this group I really think this is a great opportunity for children (11-19) to get of their shell and learn more and prepare themselves for the future"

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