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   College Tours


    The whole trip to the 3 colleges we went too was very helpful and interesting. Those colleges provide information that I didn't know about for colleges. Like the payments and the activities that the students do.
      The first college we went to was North Carolina A&T. It was a school for people that wanted to be engineers. One of the students showed us around and told us the history of the school. One of the most interesting things there was the history of the walls that got torn down. It was from where three men took a stand for equality and fought for freedom. Then that's when the police broke out with guns firing at the walls. Which the walls are still there today.
        Duke University was the second college that we had went to. This college fascinated me out of the three we went too. The architecture there was absolutely gorgeous. Then the person touring us was talking about how they have a good med-school here. That's what I'm mainly into. They showed us science labs and showed us what new things that they were working on.
      Then the last college we went to was at North Carolina State. Which was a school of art, in all really. The students showed us where they had classes and showed us there work stations. Inside there was a whole bunch of art work and creations of masterpieces everywhere. It was very nice. Also they showed us what some students were working on for a fashion show.
         These were some of the things that we saw and learned about. The experience that we had was very amazing, to see how the college life would be.

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